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Our programs are based on Scripture and run exclusively by Christians serving at local, in-country churches. We do not accept any government funding, which allows us total freedom to proclaim the Gospel hope of Jesus Christ.

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Our child sponsors and donors provide gifts to meet the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of children and families in the most impoverished parts of the world. Your support is carried out by people native to the region who understand the culture.

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Our commitment to personal attention means people are the most important part of our mission — the children we help, the staff who serve, the sponsors and donors who give. We’re committed to communicating intentionally with you and our team in a way that honors Christ.

Victor's story

When 15-year-old Victor in Peru first started attending his Life Center, he was shy and slow to participate. He enjoyed the Bible stories, but was withdrawn in most other activities. Victor’s family isn’t Christian, so this was the first time Victor had heard about Jesus’ sacrificial love. Eventually, he started to open up more, becoming more comfortable around the teacher and the other students. Soon, Life Center was his favorite part of the week.

And even though nobody else in his family is Christian, Victor gave his life to the Lord.

Our mission

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Our goals

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Children deserve to reach their God-given potential, and the best way to help them is to introduce them to Jesus.

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a future in which they thrive!

Generous, kindhearted people like you have been partnering with us at Childcare Worldwide for more than 40 years. With your support, you can make an eternal impact on children in poverty. Join us. Let’s make a difference together!
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Wisely stewarding your gifts is our promise.

We’re committed to financial integrity and will ensure that your support will be used to carry out the ministry and mission of Childcare Worldwide.
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2023幸运飞行艇官网开奖计划-官方开奖记录体彩网 You want children in poverty to thrive in Christ. They need your support.

Childcare Worldwide is dedicated to removing the barriers that prevent children from succeeding and from being open to the Gospel.

When you sponsor a child, you provide a biblically based spiritual foundation and a good education, which empowers them to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and in their communities.

Plus, they receive nutritious food, clean water, needed medicine, safe shelter, and quality clothing. It’s holistic, transformational care!

You can change a child’s future in 3 steps

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Step 1: Select a Child

Take a moment to pray. Ask God to help you choose a child to sponsor at $40 per month. Imagine the excitement your child will feel when they learn you chose them!
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Step 2: See Your Impact

Communicate and connect with your child personally through letters and photos throughout the year. Listen to how they are growing spiritually and in their schooling.

Step 3: See a Life Changed

Build a long-term relationship with your child with ongoing support. Watch how your care provides a chance for them to trust Jesus and have an eternal hope.

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When you sponsor a child, they receive an opportunity at a better life. Quality education is expensive, but it can make a world of difference. Your sponsorship empowers a child to break the cycle of poverty in their life and in their community.
  • Each week at a Life Center, they get to attend a weekly Bible lesson, learn worship songs, and play Scripture memory games. It’s a day of fun, but it’s also a day of discipleship. Whether your child is hearing the Gospel for the first time or the 100th, they are getting the chance to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • They also get supplemental care to meet their physical needs — healthy food, clean drinking water, medical attention, and supplies for school.
  • Sponsored children also build relationships with the people who are caring for them. They find compassion and love from Life Center teachers and church support staff. And they want to share what’s happening in their life and with their family with their sponsor through photos, videos, and letters.
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Not ready to sponsor a child? But want to help?

Support a supplemental program and fill in the gaps with a one-time gift. You can provide food, water, medicine, and school supplies for the holistic needs of our sponsored children (their siblings too) and their families.
Sibling Supporter


Provide support that helps a sibling of a sponsored child. Together, they can attend a Life Center for Bible lessons, nutritious meals, and clean water.
Support a Sibling
One Time Gift
There are a number of ways you can experience the joy of giving to help children thrive. Explore options like clean water, meals, and hygiene packs to learn how you can make the greatest impact on children’s lives.
Make a one time gift

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