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How support for Life Center growth has impacted kids (you’re in this story!)

Hello there, faithful partners! It’s me, Bill. I’ve just returned from a trip to Kenya and Uganda, where I got to visit many of our Life Centers and sponsored kids. Because of that, the impact you’ve made on the lives of these kids is really top-of-mind, so I wanted to take a moment to remind you how far we’ve come, and where we’re going –together!

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How your gifts are working in post-pandemic Peru

August 3, 2019. That was the last time I stepped foot in Lima, Peru. It was also my first year leading Childcare Worldwide. If someone would have told me then that we would all experience a worldwide pandemic, I would have thought they were crazy. Of course, that’s exactly what happened, as you surely know. Just six months later, we would be faced with the early outbreak of COVID-19.

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Meeting Marion

Have you ever wanted to meet your sponsor child/children? Our lovely sponsor Marcella recently got to visit Marion, her sponsored child, in Uganda and we wanted to share their story with you. We love seeing relationships between sponsors and their sponsor children thrive, and are so happy to share Marcella’s account of their meeting in person after 11 years of sponsorship and relationship! Read on to hear all about their meeting and their amazing connection in the words of Marcella: 

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My Experience Seeing Donor Impact Firsthand in Africa

Africa. I don’t even know where to begin except to give God all the glory. I could stop right there and this story would be complete. GOD is commanding and leading this gospel-driven child sponsorship ministry. Of that, we have no doubt whatsoever. We are grateful and blessed, especially for the generous donors that are essential to this ministry continuing and thriving.

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The Difference a Backpack Makes for Kids in Poverty

Elizabeth lives in Uganda with her parents and her five siblings. For many years, her father didn’t have any work at all. The economic situation in their community is not good - there are very few opportunities available. But Elizabeth’s family trusted God and faithfully prayed for His provision.

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“Keeping my heart beating with God’s heart for the poor” - A volunteer’s story

I am volunteering with Childcare Worldwide because I always want to keep my heart beating with God’s heart for the poor. And this organization, located right in my hometown, is filled with authentic Jesus followers who truly care about His kingdom coming.

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“It Seemed Like Magic”: How You Provided the Miracle of Clean Water to Josephine

In Baringo County in Kenya, in a small home with mud walls and a grass roof, you’ll find Josephine, a sweet, shy 12 year old. Life hasn’t been easy for her and her family, but that hasn’t slowed down her ambition at all. Josephine dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. And generous donors like you are tearing down the obstacles that stand in her way!

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What Does a Child in Uganda or Kenya Eat in a Day?

Have you ever wondered what your sponsored child eats in a day? Join us for a tour of typical meals in Kenya and Uganda!

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Sri Lanka Crisis - God is in Control

Sri Lanka is in the midst of economic collapse, and facing political unrest and violence as a result. People in Sri Lanka are increasingly desperate as they face food shortages, extended power cuts, and skyrocketing fuel prices. The inflation we’re experiencing here in the United States is nothing compared to Sri Lanka, where inflation rates rose to 60% in July.

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